Snow Policy

OCMEA All-County Festival Snow Policy

Plan A – Full festival – no problems

Plan B – Some schools cancel classes on Friday

If there are enough schools in session, rehearsals will be held on Friday.

Seating auditions will be canceled and the proficiency lists will be used to determine seating. (Not the best situation – but one we hope all can live with.)

Those who were unable to attend Friday will be permitted to attend on Saturday if permitted by their school districts.

Plan C – Host school or many county schools close on Friday

No rehearsal on Friday

Rehearsals will be held on Saturday as planned with a few alterations:

Conductors will shorten their program

Concert will be moved to 5:00 PM to allow for one more hour of rehearsal

*Please watch Channels 3, 5, 9, or 10 to see which plan is in place for our county festival on a snow day.