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A Note from the President

Welcome to the Onondaga County Music Educators Association website!  I am honored to serve the wonderful students and teachers of our county as we strive to pursue excellence in music education.  The last few years have taught us how treasured our music programs are.  Life has tested our resilience, asked us to innovate and most of all, to be flexible.  We ask ourselves, “How and when will we return to normal?”.  Answering these questions will require even more time and patience as we allow for the “new normal” to emerge.  These next few years will be years of building and a unified pursuit of our mission.  Through communication, transparency, and maybe even risk, my hope is that our members, schools, and music community come together to create fresh and lasting experiences for our students.


Christian (CJ) Oliver


OCMEA Mailing Address

Alison Miles, Executive Secretary/Treasurer

PO Box 35

LaFayette, NY 13084


BEDR Statement

OCMEA has been formed and will be operated in such a manner as to advance music and music education on behalf of the students and music educators of Onondaga County, New York.” (Article II, Section 2.1 of the bylaws of OCMEA)

We believe that the phrase “on behalf of the students and music educators” means ALL of our students and educators, whatever race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity, religion and all other identities represented. In OCMEA, we value diversity and we believe equity is worth fighting for. We seek to cultivate an organization where all students and educators truly belong. 

OCMEA is committed to, among other initiatives, actively including students and educators from all schools into our ensembles and ongoing work.  We promote repertoire from a diverse group of composers, conductors, and other artists.OCMEA strives to make decisions which benefit all our students and educators, directly addressing the urgent needs of marginalized individuals who have been historically and systemically underserved.

[Adopted, June 5, 2023 at the Annual Meeting of the Onondaga County Music Educators Association]

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